About Us

Who we are

Mobile Water Stations from The Water Tap provide events with a value-added service to consumers by providing safe, clean and cold filtered drinking water from a convenient, trendy and eco-friendly dispenser.

The Water Tap offers premium and quality water services for events, festivals and parties in CANADA – Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and beyond.

Access to clean, affordable and safe drinking water at events can be a problem. We here at The Water Tap believe there is a solution and that is through our trendy drinking stations which provides filtered water whilst eliminating plastic waste from water bottles going into landfills for over 700 years.

This will provide patrons that are dehydrated or intoxicated a healthy alternative at no extra cost to them.

Being in the event industry for several years, our founder noticed the mass amount of plastic bottle waste at events and sought to change this. By offering water (a basic human right/need) free to consumers, we seek to eliminate all bottled drinks from events across Canada in the future. Both carbonated (sparkling) and filtered water is guaranteed cold through our unique

Why We Do It.

Water is a human right and should be guaranteed to all people regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Mission: To significantly reduce or eliminate plastic water bottles from current events across the nation by 2022.

Our company believes that we have reached a point in which we must start caring for the planet we live in. Our tagline ‘Hydrate Responsibly’ both explains the need for consumers to not over-indulge on alcohol as well as to hinder the reliance on disposable plastic water bottles in their everyday lives.

Many Canadian Municipalities have passed bans of single use plastics at municipal properties including: Ajax, Burlington, Cornwall, London, Newmarket, Niagara Falls, Oakville, Oshawa, Peterborough, St. Catharines, Windsors, Waterloo, Nelson, Victoria and Vancouver. In 2008, Toronto City Council approved a water bottle ban which took effect in 2012. This ban affects most of Toronto’s parks and park facilities and prohibits the sale and distribution of water bottles in all city facilities and parks.

Disposable plastic bottle facts

Our landfills cannot support bottled water.

Canadian municipalities are facing an epidemic in that our landfills are not able to support the amount of garbage that is generated by the bottled water industry.

As few as 50% of the water bottles Torontonians consume every day are actually being recycled. This results in 65 million empty plastic water bottles per year end up in the garbage as waste.

The amount of bottles that end up in landfills varies by community but can be up to 80%.

​In 2012, the Canadian government finally conceded that there is an obligation for governments across the world to recognize water as an adequate standard of living.

Where we service:

Festivals, Events, Concerts, Weddings, Corporate Events, Golf Courses, Large Gatherings, Charity Events, Church Gatherings, Marathons